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State Podiatry CME Requirements

3/5ths or 60% of State Boards of Podiatry Now Allow ALL CME Credit to be Earned Online

There are now 30 states, three-fifths or 60% of all states that impose NO LIMITATIONS on how many CME credits can be earned online by podiatrist. The most recent survey that PRESENT performed in 2015 show you below how much the CME world has changed since we first surveyed the State Boards of Podiatry in 2004, when there were only two states that allowed ALL CME credits to be earned online. There are currently 2 states that do not currently require podiatrists to earn ANY CME - Connecticut and Montana.

As the largest provider of online education for the podiatry profession, you can imagine that we are asked this question quite often. In order to provide the best service for our loyal members, we have updated the survey and display the results for you below.

Find your state in the table below to see how many CME Credits your State requires,
when your next renewal date is, and how many you can earn online (revised 2016):

State Cycle Credits Credits/Yr Online % Online Next Renewal Detail
Alabama 1 12 12 12 100% 10/31/2016 Detail

Licensed Podiatrist shall apply to the board to renew their license by October 1st of each year

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Alaska 2 50 25 50 100% 12/31/2016 Detail

Licenses shall be renewed biennially on the dates set by the department with the approval of the respective board

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Arkansas 1 15 15 15 100% -- Detail

Twenty (20) hours of continuing education shall be required for the renewal of an individual license. This must be obtained in the twelve-month period immediately proceeding the year for which the license is to be issued. The hours approved must be from any of the following:

  • Any program approved by the Council on Continuing Education of the American Podiatric Medical Association.
  • Hospital programs up to two (3) hours verified by the continuing education director of that institution.
  • National and state sponsored programs as per the guidelines established by the Council of Continuing Education of the American Podiatric Medical Association and the Board.
  • A maximum of five (5) hours credit internet courses if approved by the Council of Continuing Education of the American Podiatric Medical Association and of the Board.
  • At least ten (15) of the twenty (20) hours must be related directly to the field of Podiatric Medicine.

Note: ALL Copies Continuing Medical Education Credits, renewal application, and payment must be in the office of the Secretary no later than 30 June of the expiration year or there will be a late fee charged of $25.

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California 2 50 25 50 100% -- Detail

Each doctor of podiatric medicine is required to complete 50 hours of approved continuing education, including a minimum of 12 hours in subjects related to the lower extremity muscular skeletal system, and one of the continuing competence pathways specified in Business and Professions Code Section 2496(a) through (h), during each two (2) year renewal period.

  • Programs approved by the California Podiatric Medical Association or the American Podiatric Medical Association and their affiliated organizations
  • Programs approved for Category 1 credit of the American Medical Association, the California Medical Association, or their affiliated organizations, and programs approved by the American Osteopathic Association, Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of California, or their affiliated organizations
  • Programs offered by approved colleges or schools of podiatric medicine, medicine, and osteopathic medicine

Programs not included above may be approved by BPM following an application and review process. Courses approved by application to BPM must meet several criteria, including documentation that the course material is scientific in content and directly related to patient care. Courses in other subjects such as investments, tax planning, practice management, and risk management are not approved for credit. A maximum of one-third of CME hours may be satisfied by teaching courses offered by an approved continuing education provider.

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Colorado 1 10 10 10 100% 8/31/2016 Detail

All licensees are required to continue showing compliance with Rule #110 of the Podiatry Board requiring the accrual of 10 CME each renewal cycle.  

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Delaware 2 32 16 32 100% 6/30/2016 Detail

Continuing medical education (CME),” as that term is herein applied by the Board, includes any and all continuing education requirements, as herein below provided, which must be satisfied biennially by all licensed practitioners as a condition for licensure renewal. Each licensed practitioner shall complete, on or before June 30 of even numbered years at least 32 hours of continuing education as a condition of license renewal.

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Hawaii 2 40 20 40 100% 1/31/2018 Detail

All licenses, regardless of issuance date, are renewable biennially on or before January 31 of each even-numbered year. To renew, a fee is due and forty (40) hours of continuing education in podiatry is required.

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Indiana 2 30 15 30 100% 6/30/2017 Detail

In order to renew your license to practice podiatry in Indiana you are required to have completed no less than fifteen (15) hours of continuing podiatric medical education each licensure year. The Board is currently on a two (2) year renewal cycle. The continuing education must have been completed during the renewal period that begins July 1, 2013 and ends June 30, 2015

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Kansas 3 54 18 54 100% 10/31/2015 Detail

Each podiatrist shall complete a minimum of 54 hours of Category I continuing education during the preceding three-year period.

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Louisiana 1 20 20 20 100% -- Detail

Every podiatrist seeking the renewal or reinstatement of licensure, to be effective on or after January 1, 2005, shall annually evidence and document, upon forms supplied by the board, the successful completion of not less than 20 hours of board approved CME.

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Maine 2 25 12.5 25 100% 6/30/2017 Detail

Continuing Education: 25 hours of continuing education is due at the time of renewal in the odd-numbered years pursuant to board rules.

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Maryland 2 50 25 50 100% 12/1/2017 Detail

TCME Credits - 50 credits are required every 2 years. {including up to 3 hours of category A credits for CPR certification} – CPR certification must be maintained on a non lapse basis.

  • Random audits are conducted to ensure compliance
  • CME’s are due by December 1st. There may be no exceptions as 30 days are required to review these educational requirements prior to issuing the license
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Massachusetts 2 30 15 30 100% -- Detail

The Board of Registration in Podiatry requires 30 Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits during the 2 years prior to each renewal period.

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Michigan 3 150 50 150 100% 3/1/2018 Detail

The continuing education requirements apply to every physician renewing a Michigan Medical license who held the license for the 3-year period immediately preceding the date the license expires. The requirements apply whether or not the physician is actively engaged in the practice of medicine. No one, including medical school faculty and resident physicians, is exempt from this requirement.Each medical doctor is required to complete 150 hours of continuing medical education in courses or programs approved by the board of which not less than 75 hours of the required 150 hours must be earned in courses or programs designated as either Category 1 (accredited) or Category 6 (residency) programs.

Every medical doctor who is renewing his/her license should retain records documenting the completion of continuing education. Those documents should be retained for a period of 4 years from the date of application

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Mississippi 2 40 20 40 100% 6/30/2017 Detail

Every Mississippi licensee must earn or receive not less than forty (40) hours of Category 1 continuing medical education in a two-year cycle as a condition precedent to renewing his or her license for the next fiscal year

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Nevada 2 50 25 50 100% 10/31/2016 Detail

A licensed Nevada podiatrist is required to obtain 50 CME's every 2 years and keep documentation in their office.

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New Jersey 2 100 50 100 100% 10/31/2017 Detail

Physicians and podiatrists must complete 100 credits of continuing medical education, minimum 40 must be Cat I, maximum 60 may be Category II for the two year period prior to renewal

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New Mexico 1 14 14 14 100% 1/1/2017 Detail

Licensure Expiration:  Podiatry licenses expire on January 1 of each year. Renewal Deadline:  A completed renewal application accompanied by the required fees, documentation of 14 hours of continuing education as defined in NMAC and must be post-marked, received electronically, or hand delivered on or before January 1 of each year

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North Dakota 1 20 20 20 100% 12/31/2016 Detail

All podiatrists in the state are required to renew their licenses annually. NDBPME renewal of licensure indicates that the podiatrist has completed a process that requires participation in 20 hours of continuing education related to podiatry from an accredited provider/s.r

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Ohio 2 100 50 100 100% -- Detail

All physicians registering for each renewal must complete at least 100 hours of CME (40 category 1 and 60 category 2) and comply with the CME requirements as outlined in the CME booklet. Physicians who are currently not working or retired must complete CME requirements if they wish to renew their license.

No provisions exist between Ohio and other states for reciprocity of CME licensure requirements for renewal.

CME Hours Required to Maintain an Ohio License

  • To be eligible for renewal, you must have completed 100 CME hours. The CME program consists of two categories, Category 1 and Category 2. A minimum of 40 hours must be earned in Category 1 and a maximum of 60 hours may be earned in Category 2. You may earn all 100 CME hours in Category 1.
  • Your CME requirements must be completed three (3) months prior to expiration date. If you received your initial license or restored your Ohio license within a renewal cycle, your hours may be prorated.
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Oregon 2 60 30 60 100% 12/31/2017 Detail

30 h​​ours/year​​ Continuing education compliance can be documented through the following:
Certificate of completion;
Official transcript;
Hospital print-out; or
Letter signed by the program administrator.

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Rhode Island 2 30 15 30 100% 9/30/2017 Detail

Every podiatrist licensed to practice podiatry in this state under the provisions of the Act and the regulations herein, shall on or before the 30th of September of each year, have satisfactorily completed a minimum of fifteen (15) continuing medical education credits as approved by the Board of Examiners in Podiatry.

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South Carolina 1 12 12 12 100% 12/31/2016 Detail

All licenses expire on December 31st of each year. Twelve hours of continuing education credits must be taken annually and reported at the time of your renewal. Renewal without this documentation will not be processed

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South Dakota 2 30 15 30 100% 6/30/2017 Detail

The CEU requirements are that they need to provide proof of taking 30 hours of continuing education on odd years (so the continuing education will be required this year in order to renew). The continuing education must be certified by the Council of Podiatric Medical Education or the American Podiatric Medical Association

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Utah 2 40 20 40 100% 9/30/2016 Detail

In accordance with Subsection R156-5a-304, during the past 2 years, you must have completed 40 hours of qualified continuing professional education directly related to your professional clinical practice; 40 hours maximum for teaching, 10 hours maximum for reading, and 6 hours maximum from DOPL.

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Vermont 2 30 15 30 100% 11/30/2016 Detail

The general requirement is for thirty (30) hours of AMA PRA Category 1TMcredit during the period from December 1, 2014 to November 30, 2016.

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Virginia 2 60 30 60 100% -- Detail

Type 1 hours (at least 30 each biennium) are those that can be documented by an accredited sponsor or organization sanctioned by the profession. If the sponsoring organization does not award a participant with a dated certificate indicating the activity or course taken and the number of hours earned, the practitioner is responsible for obtaining a letter on organizational letterhead verifying the hours and activity. All 60 continuing competency hours each biennium may be Type 1 hours.

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West Virginia 2 50 25 50 100% -- Detail

Successful completion of a minimum of 50 hours of continuing podiatric education satisfactory to the Board during the preceding two year period is required for the biennial renewal of a podiatric license. Beginning July 1, 2008, at least thirty (30) hours of the hours must be related to the podiatrist's area or areas of specialty.

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Wisconsin 2 50 25 50 100% 10/31/2016 Detail

50 hours each biennium through programs approved by APMA, AMA, AOA or the accreditation council for continuing medical education (ACCME). Biennium: 11/1/even year to 10/31/even year

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Wyoming 2 40 20 40 100% 7/1/2017 Detail

All licensees shall complete 40 (forty) hours of continuing education every two years. All continuing education hours shall be earned within a renewal period. There shall be no carryover of hours from one renewal period to another.

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State Cycle Credits Credits/Yr Online % Online Next Renewal Detail
Arizona 1 25 25 10 40% 6/30/2017 Detail

25 hours of Board-approved between July 1 and June 30. Ten hours of CME may be completed online

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Connecticut 0 0 0 0 0 -- --
Florida 2 40 20 8 20% 3/31/2018 Detail

The department shall adopt rules establishing a procedure for the biennial renewal of licenses. The board may by rule prescribe continuing education, not to exceed 40 hours biennially, as a condition for renewal of a license. The criteria for such programs or courses shall be approved by the board.

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Georgia 2 50 25 10 20% 8/31/2017 Detail

ALL licenses will expire August 31st of the odd numbered years

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Idaho 1 12 12 6 50% -- Detail

Each podiatrist licensed by the state of Idaho shall attend in each twelve (12) month period preceding the renewal of a license to practice podiatry in Idaho, a minimum of twelve (12) full hours of post-graduate podiatry education courses. No more than six (6) hours may be home study.

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Illinois 2 100 50 50 50% 1/31/2017 Detail

Every renewal applicant who applies for renewal of a license as a podiatric physician must complete 100 hours of continuing education (CE) relevant to the practice of podiatric medicine. A prerenewal period is the 24 months preceding January 31 of each odd-numbered year.

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Iowa 2 40 20 10 25% 6/30/2016 Detail

The biennial continuing education compliance period shall extend for a two-year period beginning on July 1 of each even-numbered year and ending on June 30 of the next even-numbered year. Each biennium, each person who is licensed to practice as a podiatrist in this state shall be required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of continuing education.

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Kentucky 1 20 20 5 25% 6/30/2017 Detail

Every license issued for the practice of podiatry shall expire on June 30 following the date of issuance Each podiatrist licensed by the board shall annually complete twenty (20) hours of continuing education relating to the practice of podiatry.

(2) The twenty (20) hours shall include:
(a) At least fifteen (15) Category A continuing education hours; and
(b) Not more than five (5) Category B continuing education hours.

(3) A continuing education hour shall equal fifty (50) clock minutes of participating in continuing education instruction or presentation that meets the requirements of this administrative regulation for continuing education courses.

(a) Beginning on July 1, 2012, and annually thereafter, each podiatrist licensed by the board shall complete at least one and one-half (1.5) hours of continuing education related to the use of the Kentucky All-Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting System (KASPER), pain management, or addiction disorders.
(b) This requirement shall be included in the twenty (20) hours of continuing education required by this administrative regulation.

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Minnesota 2 40 20 8 20% 6/30/2017 Detail

To renew your license you must have completed 40 hours of continuing medical education approved by the Council of Podiatric Education (CPME) or Minnesota Board of Podiatric Medicine for the two year renewal period.  Only 8 hours of continuing medical education can be obtained from online courses.

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Missouri 2 24-50 12-25 6-12 25% 2/28/2018 Detail

Each applicant for license renewal shall certify to the board that s/he has attended twenty-four (24) hours of board-approved continuing medical education (CME) for the biennial renewal period immediately preceding the biennial license renewal date. Applicants who qualify under section 330.010.2, RSMo to perform surgery of the ankle must certify that s/he has attended an additional twenty-six (26) hours of boardapproved CME for the biennial renewal period immediately preceding the biennial license renewal date. Prior to January 2005, a copy of Foot & Ankle Board Certification or certificate of a twenty-four (24)-month postgraduate clinical residency program in podiatric surgery shall be on file with the state board for acceptance of the additional CMEs, before the endorsement of “Ankle Surgery Certified” will be added to their biennial renewal license. After January 2005, a certificate of completion of a twenty-four (24)-month postgraduate clinical residency program in podiatric surgery is required for acceptance of the additional CMEs and the “Ankle Surgery Certified” endorsement.

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Montana 0 0 0 0 -- -- --
Nebraska 2 48 24 16 33% 4/1/2018 Detail

On or before April 1 of each even-numbered year thereafter, each podiatrist who is in active practice in the State of Nebraska must Complete 48 hours of approved continuing education during the preceding 24 month period

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New Hampshire 2 40 20 10 25% 6/30/2016 Detail

Podiatrists licensed in New Hampshire are required to show proof of 40 hours every 2 years, with at least 30 hours' attendance in formal courses given by an accredited American school or college of podiatry or medicine, or by a state or regional podiatric association recognized by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education or by the American Medical Association and no more than 10 hours of instructional media certified by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education (CPME).

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New York 3 50 16.67 25 50% -- Detail

You must have completed 1.4 hours of continuing education coursework for each month of the preceding registration period in which you were registered to practice (50 hours in a normal three-year period) At least two-thirds (35 hours) of your continuing education coursework must be in the areas of podiatric medicine and surgery The remaining hours (15 hours) may be in the areas of health sciences or in areas dealing with podiatric practice issues such as ethics or risk management. A maximum of 25 home study credits (Category A or B) will be accepted in any three-year registration period

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North Carolina 1 25 25 5 20% 6/30/2017 Detail

Completion of 25 hours of Continuing Medical Education (CME) is required per year (July 1-June 30) for renewal of licensure. CME credits shall not be carried over from the previous licensure year.

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Oklahoma 2 60 30 10 16% 6/30/2016 Detail

Requisite hours of C.M.E. shall be sixty (60) hours of Category I obtained during the preceding three (3) years as defined by the American Medical Association/Oklahoma State Medical Association/American Academy of Family Physicians or other certifying organization recognized by the Board

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Pennsylvania 2 50 15 10 20% 12/31/2016 Detail

In order to renew a license, a podiatrist must have completed 50 hours of CME during the immediately preceding two-year license period. A license period runs from January 1 of an odd-numbered year through December 31 of the next even-numbered year. • At least 30 CME hours must be in courses or programs that fall within the scope of podiatric medicine and are approved by the Board or the Council on Podiatric Medical Education (www.cpme.org). • The remaining 20 CME hours may be in courses and programs that are in related medical subjects and that are approved by the American Medical Association or the American Osteopathic Association. • A maximum of 10 CME hours may be obtained through approved programs and courses that are Internet-based or that involve the review of magazine or journal articles.

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Puerto Rico 3 45 15 ? ? -- --
Tennessee 1 15 15 5 33% 6/30/2017 Detail

The Board requires each licensed Podiatrist to complete fifteen (15) clock hours of continuing education each calendar year (January 1- December 31).

  • Twelve (12) hours of the fifteen (15) clock hour requirement shall be clinical, scientific, or related to patient care. If the licensee is performing ankle surgery pursuant to T.C.A. § 63-3-101 (b) (1), ten (10) of these twelve (12) hours shall pertain to ankle surgery.
  • Beginning January 1, 2008, at least one (1) hour of the annual fifteen (15) hour requirement shall, every other calendar year, be a course designed specifically to address prescribing practices.
  • Ten (10) of the fifteen (15) clock hour requirement must be completed in the traditional “lecture/classroom” format.
  • Five (5) hours of the fifteen (15) clock hour requirement may be completed in any of the following multi-media formats: The Internet, Closed circuit television, Satellite broadcast, Correspondence courses, Videotapes, CD-Rom, DVD, Teleconferencing, Videoconferencing or Distance learning. Acceptable continuing education shall consist of courses provided or sponsored by the APMA, APMA approved colleges of podiatric medicine, state, regional (zone), national and affiliated specialty groups, the U.S. federal government, or other education programs approved by the Board.
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Texas 2 50 25 20 40% 11/1/2016 Detail

Each person licensed to practice podiatric medicine in the State of Texas is required to have 50 hours of continuing education every two years for the renewal of the license to practice podiatric medicine. Two hours of the required 50 hours of biennial continuing education (CME) shall be a course, class, seminar, or workshop in: Ethics in the Delivery of Health Care Services and/or Rules and Regulations pertaining to Podiatric Medicine in Texas. Topics on Healthcare Fraud, Professional Boundaries, Practice Risk Management or Podiatric Medicine related Ethics or Jurisprudence courses, including those sponsored by an entity approved by CPME, APMA, APMA affiliated organizations or governmental entities, are acceptable towards fulfilling this 2 hour requirement

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Washington 2 50 25 20 40% -- Detail

The podiatric physician license renewal is due on or before the licensee's birthdate each year. Continuing education (CE) reporting periods will be every two years from birthdate to birthdate. Five hours CE is granted per one hour of instruction. A maximum of ten hours CE ispermitted for the two year CE reporting period

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Washington DC 2 50 25 25 50% 3/31/2018 Detail

Podiatrists must complete fifty (50) approved continuing education credit hours during the two (2) year period preceding the date the license expires. Twenty five (25) hours out of the fifty (50) approved continuing education credit hours should be face-to face. All Podiatrists are required to have an approved valid/current CPR certificate for this renewal cycle. An approved valid/current CPR certification or recertification course shall be eligible for a maximum of three (3) continuing education credit hours.

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